Recommended Airsoft Products

Listed below are the best prices and options for Airsoft products that we use in class.

I personally like the M&P Airsoft pistol the best because it is an exact replica of the actual pistol (it's a Smith & Wesson official replica) and it is weighted so it feels very close to the real thing. OPD recently had a Taurus Airsoft pistol donated which was purchased from Academy on NW Expressway in Oklahoma City. It is also an official replica of the Taurus 24/7 but this particular one is clear plastic. It is weighted so feels very close to the real thing. I really like the way it handles and students used it as much as the M&P in class so they also liked it. I can personally recommend both the Taurus and M&P. Academy has clear plastic models, and there are also models with a steel slide that look like the actual gun linked below.

Taurus 24/7
Taurus 24/7 clear
Smith & Wesson M&P

There are not Airsoft replicas of all guns, but you may be able to find one of your gun. Below are links for the M&P and Taurus we used in class, as well as a link to other models.

Whatever model you get, the best kind of Airsoft is the 6mm, CO2 gas operated.  Spring operated are cheaper but they feel like a toy whereas the CO2 ones are more authentic.
CO2 is very inexpensive and the gas Airsoft guns are reasonably priced. Note: Green gas is different than CO2, it comes in a large canister that's quite expensive as are the green gas guns. Blowback models have slides that move, replicating recoil, and they cost twice as much as the Airsoft gas guns. Email me if you have any questions.


Replicas of other models – including Beretta, Colt, Mossberg, Sig, Taurus

Dirty Bird Targets – Multi-color splatter targets (these REALLY show up with real bullets)

Bass Pro in OKC
Sticky gel targets – $14.99
Glow BBs – 2000 for $13.49
Large selection of Airsoft pistols and rifles

Academy (products vary by location)
M&P Airsoft
Taurus PT 24/7 Airsoft
CO2 cartridges for a good price
Various BBs including paint and marker but no glow BBs

Pyramid Airsoft

Large selection of Airsoft gas guns
Taurus 24/7 same as what we use in class but not clear ($52.95)
Sticky target with catch tray ($12.95)

Pump Shotgun
we use in class – spring loaded so does not require CO2 ($27.95)
NOTE: The shotguns need 6mm .20 or .25 gram BBs

Plastic BBs:  for regular practice you want 6mm 0.12 gram

Orange BBs:  ($3.29, 2700 ct)

Glow in the dark BBs ($6.29, 2000 ct)

The speed loaders really don’t work so don’t bother with them.  I recommend you get at least one bottle of BBs with the cone lid so you can pour them in.