Blueguns are an excellent tool for practice and I highly recommend everyone who carries a handgun acquire a Bluegun for safe practice. It is important to get an exact replica of your pistol so it will fit in your holster. The below websites don't have all the same pistols but between the three you can likely find your exact model.

Blueguns Manufacturer Website - does not sell Blueguns but explains what Blueguns are

Arizona Gun Runners - has a very large selection of Blueguns including M&P .40/9mm (.40 and 9mm are interchangeable in a Bluegun), compact M&P .40 and M&P .45. Other brands: Beretta, Browning, Colt, CZ, Glock, H&K, Ruger, Sig, Springfield 1911 and XD, Steyr, S&W, Taurus, Walther

On Duty Gear
- has a variety of Blueguns: Beretta, H&K, Ruger, Sig, S&W revolver, Taurus revolver, Walther. Also has Kahr Redguns.

The Shooter's Box - has a variety of Blueguns: Beretta, Browning High Power, Colt 1911, Glock, H&K, Ruger, Sig, S&W, Springfield 1911 and XD, Walther

Red Guns are a different brand and have different models available than Blueguns. For example, you can only find Kahr pistols in Redguns.

Red Guns Manufacturer Website

Cops Plus - has a large selection of Red Guns: Beretta, Browning, Glock, Kahr, Ruger, Sig, SW revolvers, Steyr

Copquest - has a good selection of Red Guns, including Kahr.


Blueguns in several brands are available on Amazon. They also carry the M&P Red Gun, which I like as it's weighed and feels more like the real thing.