Hand Safes

The brand of handgun safe I like best is GunVault because they utilize a patented No-Eyes® keypad technology. What I like about this concept is it uses gross motor skills, you do not have to remember a number to dial or find a key in the dark, you simply place your hand in the rubber hand mold on the top and push the buttons in the order you've programmed them. In the case of the biometric safe it reads your specific fingerprint, and stores up to 20 fingerprints so you can program it for both hands and other persons (such as your spouse) to whom you want to give access. GunVault has several models of hand safes to choose from.

I have the MicroVault which is about the size of a small laptop. It's very portable, yet big enough inside to hold two handguns plus a spare magazine. It was very easy to program, and it's very easy and quick to gain access to my firearms.

All models come with a steal cable so you can secure it to something fixed, such as in your car you can connect the cable to the seat frame which is bolted to the frame of the car. It's completely padded inside to keep your guns unharmed while inside. The lock operates on four AA batteries, and it has a key lock as a backup. My MicroVault fits easily in my backpack and traveled with me across four states on a recent trip. I was able to secure my firearms whenever I couldn't have them on my person, and in one situation when I needed quick access I was able to retrieve my weapon in only a few seconds.

A great source for a variety of GunVault safes is Cheaper Than Dirt. They're located in Texas and everything I've ordered from them arrives quickly.

Also of note is the GunVault Nano Vault – this little guy will hold one full size gun and magazine and is perfect for keeping under the seat of your car so that you can secure your firearm for those times you cannot carry.

Here are direct links to the safes on Cheaper Than Dirt:

Nano (Key Lock)