end me your story of how you named your gun.

While taking Tammy's GDO class I learned that women named their guns. I found this quite different but intriguing. I thought that I would never be able to come up with any names. However, as I began to think about, I actually found something that fits me.
My favorite Bible story is about Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. I am captivated when Ruth tells Naomi that "I will go where you go."  And Boaz captures my heart as I perceive him as a man who is very gentle and compassionate, but also as a very large man who can get the job done. 
Therefore, "Ruthie," my Glock 19C,  will "go where I go," and my Maverick 20 gauge shotgun, named Boazz, that's Boazz with two z's, will guard my home.
Thank you Tammy for letting me share my story and thank you for all the encouragement and training.  You're greatly appreciated.  

After attending Girl’s Day Out class, January 19, 2013, I knew exactly what gun I wanted, an M&P 9mm.  I called around and found it to be slim picking but finally lucked out and came across a used one.  I immediately went to the store.  As I stood there looking at it with all the other guns in the show case, it appeared that the M&P 9mm was different to me.  It looked like it had a little nose sticking out on the end of the muzzle.  This M&P 9mm was threaded on the end of the muzzle for a suppressor.  It reminded me of a special Christmas reindeer that stood out among the others and hence, my “new” M&P 9mm got its name “Rudolph”.   
Pam Bowles

The "cute, girly" Ruger revolver is now retired and I am the proud new owner of a S&W M&P 40! I love it!  Now to order the holster from Mitch Rosen!  If not for you and your class, I would never have thought to try a larger handgun.  I had too many menfolk tell me I needed a revolver and something little. HA!

My hubby liked my gun so well that he got one for his use!  So... I think we have named our guns Victor and Victoria (you know, like the movie with Julie  Andrews, just no boobs showing...HA)

You asked me to tell you if I'd named the gun or not.  Well...that prompted me to do so.  Have recently acquired a magnificent "Shiloh Shepherd" puppy.  (They're a throwback to the original Shepherd...the breed was begun in the '70's....they're larger & a bit more docile...but even more protective of their family.)  I've had some big dogs in my life, but you know how the 'great circle of life' goes...so for the past 3 years, I've had two little rescue terriers...my buddies.  Now, they'd be great as a 'alarm dogs', but most certainly not a protection dog.  (Yes, I know, a dog is only going to buy a little time if a bad guy shows up...but it DOES make me appear much less a victim, too.)  Besides all that, I wanted a new puppy for Christmas, and she HAS done the whole family a lot of good.  Even the horses get concerned when she whines at the back door.  =)

Anyway, for more than just the terriers' sake, and the fact that I am a Stevie Ray Vaughn fan, her name is "Little Sister."  We call her "Sissy." 

SO...in keeping in the spirit of the family, the gun's name is "BIG BROTHER."  (Yes it's big for me!)

The shotgun will be named "UNCLE."
And I think I'll name the .38 my "COUSIN."
I thought you'd enjoy knowing what you started.  =)

Judy Rivers

My Ruger is named Molly. My dad called my mom Molly, she passed away 2 years ago and she was a pistol. My shotgun's name is Trigger, because that is just a good name for a shotgun.

Kim Mata

When I was young girl my father loved to watch westerns and I was a daddy’s girl so what my father did I also did.  One of the westerns was a TV show, “The Rifleman,” and I believe he used a Remington brand rifle. I always thought that it was a beautiful rifle. Anyway, I related the Remington brand with that show.  Well, when I went to purchase my shotgun a thought entered my mind that I would like to have a Remington brand shotgun.  Now I didn’t go in asking for a Remington, I went in asking for another brand the guys at work told me to try.  So I looked at the shotguns, tried a few of them, and then the salesman said, "try this one."  I did and it was very comfortable feeling and as I looked to see what brand it was lo and behold it was a Remington.  He told me he had purchased one for his wife and she loved it.  It felt very comfortable in my arms.  So, I purchased a Remington.  Yeah!!! The salesman gave me a name of a female that taught other females on self defense class.  Now I never thought that it would make a difference but I believe now that it does.  Men should teach men and women should teach women.  The gun that the guys from work told me to get was way too long and was very awkward in my arms. I was glad I got the salesman I did.  He gave me the right gun for a woman.  He understood that most guns are made for men not women and that our arms are not as long as a man’s arm.  The salesman also told me that all the women name their guns.  Well, I had no idea what I was going to name mine.  I was stumped for days. Then when I met Tammy for my lesson she was at the part where it was time to clean the gun. Tammy asked me if I had a named my gun. I told her I couldn’t think of a name. When I told her the story about how the Remington brand name just popped into my head as I was driving to the store to purchase a gun, she suggested that I name it Remi.  So that is what I named my gun Remi (with an I). 

Sharon Owens

I've had a Glock 19 9 mil for quite a while now. It's my first and so far only gun. My budget has been challenged lately, so I haven't really even been able to think about adding to my arsenal for a while... but I do intend to. As I was unloading hollow point and reloading FMJ practice rounds awhile back, I looked at him and thought. "You are the first, but you won't be the last." So, in anticipation, and promising myself to add more in the future, I simply named him "One."

Cyndi Beam

My favorite cowgirl growing up was Annie Oakley. My father used to call me Jannie. So my new M&P .40 is Annie.

Janet Denker

A few years ago I shot a Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun with a Knoxx SpecOps stock - this is an adjustable stock with a pistol grip, and both grip and stock have a shock absorber built in which significantly reduces the recoil. Needless to say, I wanted one as soon as I shot it. In December Academy was having an excellent sale on Remington 870s with 18" barrels. These short defense barrels are hard to find, and the price was over $100 off the MSRP. So one came home with me, and then I set about fixing her up as my tactical shotgun. I ordered and installed a magazine tube extension, a two-point tactical sling which held a reload, and of course the Knoxx SpecOps stock. In the end when I looked her over I thought, "I've built the shotgun I've always dreamed of." And so I named her Jeannie...as in "I Dream of Jeannie." If you're too young to know what that reference is, it was a 70s television show (boy do I feel old!).

Tammy Pinkston

Jeannie Boomer (before & after)

I have a gun, and he's already named! :) Here is his story.

The great search was on for a gun for me to carry and I had my sights set on a S&W MP 9c for my first one. Of course, I hope to get others down the road! But when a friend offered me his Bersa Thunder .380 I decided to give it a try. Four magazines later, I was in love. The gun just had to pass inspection from my husband, so I brought it home (totally unloaded, of course) for him to look at. He agreed that it was a great gun, so it was decided. My gun collection would start here.

That night, three convicts escaped from the Juvenile Detention center in my town. All night long sirens raced up and down our street, the police helicopter hovered overhead, and we wondered where these guys were and where they would show up! And I had an empty gun... No ammo, just a gun. A lot of good that would be! Of course, my husband's Glock would be handy for him to use, but I was stuck unarmed! But I was going to make the most of what training I had if it came to it! My gun slept by my side, empty magazine inserted, safety uncocked, "chamber loaded" with invisible bullets. I'd bluff my way through the night with an unloaded gun and super aggressive body language if I had to!

The night passed uneventfully, but I knew the story had to be a name story, so I went off my bluffing mindset and tried to think of a poker player... a card shark... or how about just a shark? Yeah! A shark, like a card shark, who plays poker, who can hold a poker face and bluff his way through a bad hand! Bruce... the great white from Nemo.

By the way, my little bluffer is now fully loaded and has no need to fake it.

Jessica Cockroft

Well I decided on a name for my 9mm S&W compact M&P, it’s Buddy. I don’t really know why, but it just seemed to fit since HE will definitely be my buddy from now on. Hopefully if I pass my SDA CC class he’ll go everywhere with me, so Buddy it is.

Ann Archer

There's really no story behind why I named my guns. I just liked Ginny for my Millennium Pro, and Big Bertha for the 24/7.

Dee Cope

We have named our new revolvers. Since we are almost always together, Janis named hers Pete and mine is named Re-Pete. Usually when we are walking into a business, I am several steps ahead of her, because of her bad knees, feet and ankles. When I am ahead of her I keep scanning the area around and behind. If anyone bothers either one of us they would hear from both of us, verbal and if we have to draw. Thus Pete and Re-Pete.

Jayne and Janis Riddle (the twins)

So...my 9mm s&w is named "Bob the gun".  All my inanimate objects have been named "Bob" – my first plant, my first car, etc. So naturally my gun should bear the same name as all my other "firsts".  So that's that. :)

Denise Hughes

Since I travel a lot I of course have a TomTom GPS unit. And since I travel a lot I carry my .40cal Beretta with me. So the only logical thing to name my weapon is Jerry. Now I tell my friends I take Tom and Jerry with me everywhere I go!

Pam Pollard

I have a SIG P250, it’s my very first gun.  My friend was teasing me and asking if I had a name for my gun, because I always name my cars.  Well, my cars have all been girls and right now I have a Ford Edge that I have named Betty (get it? Betty Ford. :)  Anyways, I felt like a gun should have an intimidating name.  So, I have named my gun Scarface.  Who better to name a gun after than a tough, gangster mobster that everyone respected and feared?  (other than the coke head part, my gun isn’t a coke head) I think I’m going to continue the tradition of intimidating names when I get my next one and possibly go with Rambo….just a thought.

Sara Ryan

I’m a lifelong musician and singer, so music and songs are a part of everything for me. My main carry is a full size M&P 9mm, and I had been wanting an M&P .40 for a long time so when I came across an excellent deal on one, I didn't hesitate. When I first got her I thought, “she’s just like my M&P 9 with a little more umph” and then what went through my mind next was, “whoa Black Betty, bam-A-lam” from the ZZ Top song that was a hit in the 80s. So her full name is Black Betty, cause she is all black and has a little more umph (bam-A-lam!) but I call her Betty...and now I call my M&P 9 Betty Junior.

Tammy Pinkston

Choosing a name for my gun was easy. When I was a kid we watched Roy Rogers on TV. His sidekick, Pat Brady, drove a jeep named Nellie Belle. In those days, adults called children by their first and middle names. My middle name is Belle so my friends gave the handle, "Nellie Belle." Hence, my 9mm compact is called Nellie Belle. Nellie, for short. Affectionately, I sometimes call her "Baby Belle."

Lela Belle French

After shooting many different 9mm guns on numerous occasions and not "feeling it," I knew the instant I fired the Sig P228 for the first time that I'd found the right gun for me   The way she fit in my hand, the way the trigger worked, the gentle nudge of a "kick" when she fired... it was all perfect   I felt after that first shot as if I'd had her for years and the two of us were old shooting buddies.  I wanted a stately name for her because she's elegant and refined, but also a force to be reckoned with.  What could be more fitting than the name of a queen who courageously took her place in a man's world and stood her ground?  So, honoring her manufacture, my gun is Else, a two-syllable German take on "Elizabeth".

Cherise Barsaloux

Well as far as naming "Cain The Killer" - It's like my life - It just popped into my head.  Scary thought, but it happens to me all the time.  Just driving along and "Pop" there is a thought. WOW I love Geritol!!!!
Mary Milligan

I’ve been waiting for spontaneous inspiration to help name my guns, and it is taking a while. Last month while reading about new gun names in the newsletter, “Sweet Pea” suddenly popped into my head and I knew it was just perfect for my Ruger LCP .380.   She’s a cute little thing, and the name Sweet Pea completely suits her.  
Dara Doak

Send me your story of how you named your gun.