Tactical Flashlights by Tammy Pinkston

One of the tools I tell women they should always carry is a tactical flashlight. There are two major things that set a tactical flashlight apart from any other light, 1. concentrated brightness and 2. on/off switch on the end (versus top) of the light. On the right are the main tactical flashlights I use. A tactical flashlight goes on my person every time my gun goes on my person. I also keep one on my nightstand, next to my main gun (where I store it), and on the kitchen counter for easy access to look out in the yard when the dogs are barking.

The point of a tactical flashlight is you need to be able to operate it one handed (so you can deploy your firearm with your other hand) and you need to be able to light up the entire area you're in so as to identify your target.

A tactical flashlight should be simple, reliable, and bright. Simple: it turns on, it turns off. I don't care for the strobe light option...sure, it'll disorient your attacker AND YOU!! Different settings (SOS patterns, etc.) or different colors (red or green light) on a tactical light only delay your ability to use a brightly focused light to identify your target. Reliable: choose a specific tactical light from a company that makes tactical flashlights. Companies that simply make flashlights, no matter how bright they claim to be, don't
Left to right: Streamlight ProTac, Smith & Wesson Compact Tactical Light, SureFire L1 Lumamax, Smith & Wesson Galaxy Elite
know how to focus the beam as needed for the tactical application. Brightness: it should be a minimum of 40-60 lumens be sure to check the specs and make sure you're getting at least 40 lumens of light. A minimum of 40 lumens will temporarily blind your attacker so the more lumens, the better.

My SureFire has a low and high setting, I gently push the tail switch to turn on the low setting of 20 lumens (to find the pen I dropped under my desk) and push it harder for the high setting of 60 lumens (to light up my entire surroundings). I have to hold the tail switch of the SureFire to keep it on, as well as the SW Galaxy Elite. The latter can also be kept on (versus flashed on) by twisting the bulb end of the light. The Streamlight and SW Compact light have a click on, click off option. The Streamlight can also be operated by gently pressing the tail switch in the same manner of the SureFire. Both SureFire and Streamlight are quality brands and are experts at making high quality tactical flashlights. I have also been very impressed with the brightness and price of the Smith & Wesson tactical flashlights.

I explain the importance of a tactical flashlight in various classes, but a recent SureFire video on personal defense lights for women does an exceptional job of visually demonstrating why a tactical flashlight is so very important. Click the photo below to watch the video.

And if you don't already have at least one tactical flashlight, consider one of these:

For home: SureFire G2 Nitrolon or Smith & Wesson Galaxy Elite

For carry: Streamlight ProTac, SureFire L4 Lumamax or EB1 Backup, S&W Compact Flashlight& Penlight

A tactical flashlight is a tool that should accompany your firearm both at home and away at all times.


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